Pristine - 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Fruit Juice, Nothing Else, Guaranteed


Pristine - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Fruit Juice, Nothing Else, Guaranteed

Pristine - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Fruit Juice, Nothing Else, Guaranteed.
Pristine Cold Pressed Fruit Juice

Not Made From Concentrate

Freshly extracted by instant cold pressing of fresh ripe fruits, traditionally grown in wild farms or organic orchards of Himalayas.

Purity Guaranteed!

Completely free from all kinds of additives which affect the body in several ways and are a big reason for our health problems.

  • No Preservatives

    No Preservatives

  • No Added Sugar

    No Added Sugar

  • No Added Water

    No Added Water

  • No Added Color

    No Added Colour

  • No Added Flavour

    No Added Flavour

  • No Sweeteners

    No Sweeteners

Made With Hygiene And Care

Each pack of Pristine contains only 100% pure fruit juice, made from real fruits, nothing else. We guarantee that.

  • STEP 1 Procurement Process

    Premium quality fruits are procured directly from the wild farms / organic orchards and washed with pure RO water.

  • STEP 2 ColdPress Process

    The fruits then undergoes cold press process to extract fresh juice which is poured directly in the glass bottles.

  • STEP 3 Extraction Process

    BPA Free bottles containing 100% pure juice are then capped instantly without adding any kinds of additives in it.

Compare The Difference Yourself

Know how Pristine is amazingly better than most packaged drinks of the current Indian market

Pristine Fruit Juice comparison with most packaged drinks
    • Pristine Juices
    • Freshly extracted from real fruits
    • Do NOT contains any kinds of Preservatives, Added Water / Sugar / Colour / Flavour or any additive
    • Cold Pressed
    • Shelf life of 6 months
    • Stored in vacuum sealed BPA FREE glass bottles
    • Healthy for sure
    • Most Packaged Drinks
    • Made from concentrates/ flavours
    • Mostly contains Preservatives, Added Sugar / Water / Colour / Flavour or some more additives
    • Chemically Processed
    • Shelf life of 9-12 months
    • Mainly stored in Tetra Packs / Cans / Plastic Pet Bottles
    • Could be dangerous to health

Customers Love Pristine

Just give it a try if you haven’t yet, and we’re sure you will definitely love it as well.

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Nutritional Value

Bring it into your daily routine. Drink a glass everyday after having your breakfast and stay healthy.

    • Ingredients
    • Energy
    • Protein
    • Total Fat
    • Carbs
    • Fruit Sugar
    • Apple
    • 40.92 KCal
    • Nil
    • Nil
    • 10.23 gm
    • 9.46 gm
    • Pineapple
    • 48.16 KCal
    • Nil
    • Nil
    • 12.04 gm
    • 9.40 mg
    • Pomegranate
    • 61.40 KCal
    • Nil
    • Nil
    • 15.35 gm
    • 12.30 gm
*Nutritional values are calculated per 100 ml.

Benefits of Pristine Fruit Juice

Enjoy the unique rich taste of fresh fruit in every bottle with even keeping yourself healthier and fit.

Read in Detail
  • pristine juice promotes male fertility

    Promotes Male Fertility

  • pristine juice acts as an anti aging elixir

    Act as an Anti-Aging Elixir

  • pristine juice helps prevent cold and cough

    Helps prevent Cold and Cough

  • pristine juice improves cardio vascular health

    Improves Cardiovascular Health

  • pristine juice helps reduces cholesterol

    Helps reduce Cholesterol

  • pristine juice helps strengthen the bones

    Helps strengthen the bones

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  • pristine juice reduces the risk of cancer

    Reduces the risk of Cancer

  • pristine juice helps heal injuries quickly

    Quick way to heal injuries

  • pristine juice helps relieves joints pain

    Helps relieves joints pain

  • pristine juice helps boosts energy

    Helps boosts Energy

  • pristine juice helps treat colitis

    Helps treat Colitis

  • pristine juice helps prevent Anemia

    Helps prevents Anemia

  • pristine juice gives you glowing skin and healthy scalp

    Gives you glowing skin and a healthy scalp

  • pristine juice helps reduce body weight

    Helps reduce body weight

  • pristine juice improves hearts health

    Improves heart’s health

  • pristine juice helps prevent asthma

    Helps prevent Asthma

  • pristine juice cleanses liver and maintain pH level

    Cleanses liver and maintain pH level

  • pristine juice helps prevent cancer

    Helps prevent Cancer

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  • pristine juice improves digestion and prevents constipation

    Improves digestion and prevent constipation

  • pristine juice improves functioning and health of lungs

    Improves functioning and health of lungs

  • pristine juice provides vitamin A, C and B6

    Provides Vitamin A, C and B6

  • pristine juice improves immunity and prevents from diseases

    Improves immunity and prevent diseases

  • pristine juice makes the bones strong and healthy

    Makes the bones strong and healthy

  • pristine juice helps prevent diabetes

    Helps prevent Diabetes

  • pristine juice is an excellent anti-aging agent

    An Excellent Anti-Aging Agent

  • pristine juice helps prevent hair fall

    Helps prevent Hair Fall

  • pristine juice is beneficial during prenatal care

    Beneficial during Prenatal Care

  • pristine juice helps prevent skin cancer

    Helps prevent Skin Cancer

  • pristine juice helps in healing scars

    Helps in Healing Scars

  • pristine juice masks for glowing skin

    Mask for Glowing Skin

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  • pristine juice improves skin texture

    Improves Skin Texture

  • pristine juice helps improves heart's health

    Helps improve Heart’s health

  • pristine juice helps treat diarrhoea and dysentery

    Helps treat Diarrhoea and Dysentery

  • pristine juice helps prevent anemia

    Helps prevent Anemia

  • pristine juice improves immunity and prevents from diseases

    Improves immunity and prevent diseases

  • pristine juice helps in cartilage regeneration

    Helps in Cartilage Regeneration

Today’s Real Problem

Most of us are still unaware of the harmful substances we intake while consuming our daily essentials.

9/10 packaged beverage products in the current market are preserved with the help of preservatives which are very harmful to the human body, according to a study. And in which, most of them may have either added sugar, added water, added color, added flavor/enhancers, artificial sweetener, acidity regulators, stabilizers or any other ingredients which could be harmful when mixed with preservatives.

The effects of all these ingredients are currently unknown to almost each one of us. These ingredients are one of the biggest cause of today’s common problems like Headaches, Palpitations, Allergies, Skin Rashes, Hair Fall, Low Stamina, Weak Bones, Frequent Illness, Heart Failure, Asthma, even Cancer and many other health problems.

Where We Are Headed

We are constantly working on spreading awareness about the reality of today’s daily use products.

We at Wildfarm Naturals Pvt Ltd, strongly believe that there’s a strong need to unveil the harsh truth of some of the world’s biggest brands who are selling their products in such a way that no one gets to know the reality of their products and the harm it gives to one’s health.

Our vision is to give consumers a wide range of healthy products which are made only from healthy raw materials and are completely free from all chemicals and harmful health effective additives and educate them about the effects of these products on their health.

We recommend:
Please do read the list of ingredients before buying any product.